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Build your Family Portrait business with our innovative Church Directory program.

Want to add $25k, $50k, even $100k to your Studio sales this year?
Want to do it without ANY staff & with NO retail studio required?
Want to work an in-demand market with virtually NO competition?
Want a program that can bring you business, year-round?

Yes!  You can supplement your current photography business income by serving the demand for Church Membership Directory portraits in your local area.  It’s a fact that many area Churches will hire SOMEONE to photograph their Membership and provide a directory this year. So why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Competition for this business is at an all-time low. Lifetouch formerly had over 60% of this business nationally but closed their Church Directory Division last year due to issues related to the pandemic.  This has created an excellent opportunity for local photographers to step in and reclaim this lucrative market.


Best of all, you can introduce local Churches to the latest technology that is revolutionizing what Membership Directories are all about.  It’s called MAZIBOOK, and it’s a whole new way of reaching today’s more tech-savvy Family consumer.

Mazibook Logo PNG.png

Mazibook is a PRIVATE social media APP that runs on smartphones and tablets on both IOS & Android platforms.  It’s a pictorial family membership directory that fits in your hand or purse. It provides the Church with many additional benefits not available from traditional printed directory programs.  Check it out, HERE

Churches want your beautiful portraits to appear in their Church Directory.

It’s a fact! Members are more likely to participate in any Directory program when they have access to "flattering" professional portraits. “Snapshots” just won’t cut it for most consumers. You can be the portrait provider of choice for Churches all over your area.  

Church Directory Model-Released Images_11.jpg
Church Directory Model-Released Images_25.jpg

You can become the exclusive MAZIBOOK photographer in your area.


Partner with us, and we’ll show you how to contract for the business, manage the scheduling for 15-minute mini-sessions,  maximize sales with breakout poses of the family groups, and prepare and post the images for fast sales online.    Within days you’ll be able to deliver the MAZIBOOK App to the members for them to use and enjoy.  

We also have printed directory options for the very-elderly clients you might photograph who don’t use tablets or smartphones.    

As an Independent MAZIBOOK photography provider, you’ll get all these benefits!

  1. Fast start-up.  Photograph your first Church account in as little as 30-45 days.

  2. A year-round promotion that can supplement your current studio business.

  3. Get sales and marketing support using our PROVEN system.

  4. Earn recurring revenue with periodic update sessions at 6 month intervals.

  5. Showcase your Studio brand to hundreds of area families who buy portraits.

  6. Get Family consumer data you can use for your year-round studio marketing.

  7. Leverage your relationship with the Church for other photo opportunities there, including their private/parochial school, preschool, childcare center, Faith-based sports leagues, and special events.

Get all this for as little as $2 per family you actually photograph. MAZIBOOK is the most cost-effective family portrait marketing promotion, EVER!

Do you have the prerequisites for success with this program?

  • Excellent family portraiture skills.

  • The DRIVE to make lots more money.

  • Have 2 to 4 light mobile studio equipment.

  • Be outgoing and friendly;  a real “people person.”

  • The willingness to follow a PROVEN marketing plan.

Want to find out more?  Complete and submit the form below for more information.  There’s no obligation.

Thanks for submitting!

The MAZIBOOK Church Directory program is a Membership benefit from the Volume Imaging Professionals Association, by arrangement with MAZIBOOK, LLC.  


For more information, contact Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP, Executive Director by email: or by phone at 704-763-0409. (Mon-Fri, 9AM -4PM Eastern time.)

Find out more about Membership in the Volume Imaging Professionals Association at  

Copyright 2021.  All rights reserved.

“You can use your current equipment, production workflow, photo lab and yearbook publisher to conduct your Directory program using the MaziBook directory software. However, if you’d like to  simplify the entire process and reduce production labor and time, take a look at the complete FLASHOP Directory platform, below.”

Use Our Flashop/Mazibook Photo/Directory System To Photograph A Church 
And Deliver Both An Online And Printed Directory!

Click on the calculator below to download an excel spreadsheet to calculate the total cost for all the following:

AI Image Enhancement
Shipping And Handling
Photo Fishing Cost
Image Enhancement
Re Shipment Of Lost Or Damaged Orders
Flashop Scheduler
Flashop Photo Site Management
Flashop Sales App

Mazibook Directory App*.


unnamed (2).png

*Requires Church to allow Mazibook to sell advertising in Yellow Page section and generate at least $450 in yearly advertising revenue. Other options are availiable.

Note: you may need to enable editing in Excel to use the spreadsheet.

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